Substance Abuse

Grand Desert Psychiatric Services provides a wide range of substance abuse treatment in Las Vegas, NV. We understand that substance abuse is often an affliction associated with any number of deeper issues, and we are here to find out what is going on in your life and how we can help.

If you feel that you or a family member is dealing with any issues related to addiction, we encourage you to seek substance abuse counseling. Before beginning any medical treatment, we want to get to know you and why you are currently using your substance of choice. Only after we have examined the psychiatric component of your addiction can we proceed to medical remedies.

Our addiction treatment services cover a wide range of substances. We offer suboxone treatment for opioid addiction, flumazenil treatment for alcoholism, and treatment for cocaine and amphetamines. All of these treatments should be presided over by licensed professionals, which is why we encourage you to make an appointment with us. We are certified to diagnose and treat a wide range of substance abuse addictions, and we are committed to keeping your best interests at the core of our practice.

Substance abuse can be a confusing and life-altering affliction. It is not always clear when either you or a loved one has crossed the line from recreational use to systemic abuse, and sometimes you need the assistance of a medical professional to help you draw this line. Substance abuse treatment is not applicable in every case, but we seek to candidly and impartially address and treat substance abuse cases.

Grand Desert Psychiatric Services is here to help you get your life on track, regardless of where you currently stand. Please, stop by our offices today for an appointment so we can talk about your condition.


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