Grand Desert Psychiatric Services is the premier center for mental health treatment in Las Vegas, NV. It is our mission to provide you with the loving care and support you need, regardless of whatever issues you might be dealing with.

Mental health can be a difficult topic to discuss. Difficult to diagnose and oftentimes hard for individuals to come to grips with, dealing with mental illness in today’s society is never a straightforward battle. At Grand Desert Psychiatric Services, we seek to get to know you as a person and provide a treatment that will help get you back on your feet.

Offering suicide prevention services, we encourage individuals with suicidal thoughts as well as family members concerned about a loved one to come in and talk to us. Treatment can only be prescribed once we have started a candid conversation about what is going on in your life, and how we can help.

We offer treatment for those dealing with bipolar disorder. Anyone living with bipolar disorder is going to have a difficult time dealing with the challenges of life in any given year, and we work to provide the medical support services to help you combat this condition and live a normal life.

We also encourage anyone who thinks they might be dealing with depression or anxiety to come in and talk to us. We are here to get to know you on an individual level, and we provide treatment to help you live your life. Too often, those with mental health issues are written off by society at large, but we understand the struggles you are going through, and we provide medical assistance.

Grand Desert Psychiatric Services is a full-service psychiatric clinic that seeks to provide you with the assistance you need on a personal basis.

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