Meet Our Staff

Isaiah Eukel

Director of Residential

My job is to provide a safe, sober environment for anyone struggling with the disease of addiction and mental health disorders. My purpose in life is to carry a message of hope to those struggling with this illness and show them the path that I have personally taken to recover from a hopeless state of mind, body and soul. “I have the greatest job in the world and I will never give up, nor veer from this road, for Sobriety has been sold”!!!


Head Counselor

I am a currently a licensed counselor who has been working in the drug and alcohol treatment for more than 30 years. During my career I have worked with thousands of clients who asked for help. Since moving to the Las Vegas area in 2015, I have continued to offer services as a partner with other professionals under the name SEABREEZE.

Robert Paisano

Substance Abuse Counselor

I am a substance abuse counselor with Seabreeze Wellness Center. I specialize in substance abuse counseling. I have learned alot in my 35 years of experience in Substance Abuse and drug addiction treatment.

Mary Shelman

Primary House Manager

My Duties and Responsibilites are:

I provide a safe supportive environment for all of our clients. I transport clients to Groups, One on Ones, Med reviews, individual appointments and outings.
I also role model healthy boundaries, and coping skills and assist clients with Daily life activities.
I also provide oversight and supervision of staff and clients. I believe in living by example i am a member of sobriety i am one that openly speaks about my recovery so that others don’t have to die in silence.

Zachariah Eukel

House Manager

I am a native son of Las Vegas and a man on a mission to help those lost in darkness. A product of an alcoholic/addict home and being one myself, I have the inside track on those struggling to fight this disease. I am NCI certified and has been working in treatment for over 4 years.
I am a Married Father of Five and a respected member of the Las Vegas Valley. I enjoy Time with his family, making music and singing. I live by two principles: Honesty MUST prevail & If you’re not laughing, you’re not living.


Patient Service Cordinator

I have seventeen years experience working in the Health and Human Services field, fourteen years specifically working in substance abuse treatment. I am extremely passionate about helping others find a new way of life free from drugs and alcohol. I have a history of advocating for those that are unable to do so for themselves. I am in long-term recovery from drugs and alcohol with over sixteen years clean and an active member in a local 12 step fellowship.

Lisa Rosenthal

Treatment Mentor

I’ve been a behavior specialist in the mental health field since I graduated from college with a BA Degree in Psychology. I was fortunate enough to have survived my own personal battles with this disease and now have a passion to help others overcome it.  I have the privilege of working alongside an amazing team of professionals who share the same passion which is helping others recover from a painful and destructive path to the beautiful and meaningful life they are meant to lead.

Nicaela Bier

Behavioral Health Technician

I am responsible for maintaining and keeping the houses running smoothly and maintaining a clean and sanitary environment at all times. My duties as a BHT consist of taking clients to AA/NA meetings , random and routine room searches,  provide and/or coordinate transportation for clients, ensure that rules and curfews are being followed, and demonstrate healthy boundaries. 

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